Roosevelt Avenue BID Proposal Shortened


    After some local controversy, the 82nd Street Partnership has decided to shorten the Jackson Heights-Corona BID along Roosevelt Avenue by 10 blocks, changing the estimated budget from over $1,000,000 to around $860,000. Under the revision, the proposed BID would end at Roosevelt Avenue and 104th Street rather than 114th Street. The Partnership’s decision reflects the fact that many quality of life issues are focused between 82nd and 104th Streets. In addition, the city has proposed to rezone the eastern end of Roosevelt Avenue, including those blocks east of 104th Street. Many immigrant owners of small businesses rallied against the BID, worried it would replace their businesses with chain stores. Proponents of the BID say that safety issues, poor lighting and cleanliness are the reasons to create a BID, and that the cost for businesses will be minimal.

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    Image by the 82nd Street Partnership

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