Is the Met Food in Jackson Heights Turning into a Foodtown?


    What is Foodtown’s story? As we reported earlier this summer, the Greenpoint Avenue Foodtown in Sunnyside is in the process of becoming a C-Town so one might be forgiven for thinking that the company wanted to reduce its exposure to Western Queens. But, if a recent thread on is on the right track, the Met Food at 76-10 37th Avenue is morphing into a Foodtown. Here’s the tip:

    Shopping in Met Food over the weekend, i noticed that the store brand White Rose items were all listed as “30 percent off, while supplies last,” and supplies of most were largely gone. i was concerned that the store might be having issues, but restocking of other stuff was going on as usual, so i asked one of the cashiers if they were planning to change distributors, and she replied in the affirmative, saying “they’re changing the name of the store, too, to food town.” it seems as if the managers will remain in place, which i appreciate, since i think they mostly do a good job there.

    At this point, we’re not sure whether this constitutes upward, downward or sideways movement in the supermarket quality department! Do you care?

    UPDATE: According to a recently posted comment, there is now a sign on the door saying “Coming Soon: Foodtown.”

    Photo by Arnab M. on Yelp

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