Closing Bell: Jackson Heights-Corona BID Detractors Screening Gentrification Film


    This Saturday, the Roosevelt Avenue Community Alliance, a group against the proposed Jackson Heights-Corona BID, will screen a documentary highlighting the impact of gentrification on small businesses in New York. DNAinfo reports that the film, The Vanishing City, takes a critical look at the many changes to businesses in New York as gentrification takes hold. The Roosevelt Avenue Community Alliance in particular is worried the BID will push out immigrant-owned businesses. Proponents of the BID support it in hopes that it will help make Roosevelt Avenue cleaner and safer. The film will run at Terraza 7, 40-19 Gleane Street, this Saturday at 5 pm. The directors will discuss the film after the screening.

    Group Against Business Improvement Dist. Screening Anti-Gentrification Film [DNAinfo]

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