Funding for Botanical Garden Improvements


    A few improvements are in the works for the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, reports Queens Chronicle. According to the Chronicle, “A $3.15 million designation from capital funds will be used primarily to upgrade the Flushing garden’s pathways. An additional $114,764 will be allocated to pay for the design of a geothermal heating well.” Some pathways will be replaced with pavers, while other pathways will receive fancy-looking asphalt. Funding will also cover an improved entrance and a new entrance plaza at College Point Boulevard, as well as a better drainage system and an automatic irrigation system for the northeastern end of the garden. The new geothermal heating well will be used for the visitor center. No word on a timeline for all these improvements.

    Funding Readied for Botanical Garden [Queens Chronicle] GMAP

    Rendering by the Queens Botanical Garden via Queens Chronicle

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