Balé Folclórico da Bahia’s African-Brazilian Dance and Energy in Flushing October 18th



    Bahia was the center of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in Brazil for centuries, and many African customs, practices and creeds are still very alive in the state. These include the Yoruba-derived religious system of Candomblé, the martial art capoeira, the music genre samba and the Balé Folclórico da Bahia, the South American country’s only professional folk dance company. Exploding with color, movement, music, mystery and drama, the troupe features dozens of dancers, musicians and singers that bring an infectious energy to every performance. On October 18th, Balé Folclórico da Bahia will fill the Colden Auditorium with its thrilling choreography, joyous rhythms and generally feisty, flirtatious exuberance.

    Details: Balé Folclórico da Bahia, Colden Auditorium at Kupferberg Center for the Arts, 65-30 Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, October 18th, 8 pm, $29-$59.

    Photo by Vinicius Lima

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