Sunnyside Park Proposal Is Heading to the LPC


    The proposal to construct a residential development around a historic aluminum house at 39th Avenue and 50th Street, in the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District, is heading to the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The LPC schedule for September 24th features this item: “39th Avenue and 50th Street-Sunnyside Gardens Historic District… A playground with a one story building and pavilion. Application is to relocate an existing building to the site and construct new buildings.” The plan calls to relocate the 1931 Aluminaire House, the first all-metal prefabricated house, to the site. (The New York Institute of Technology Central Islip campus was the previous home to the Aluminaire House — the building needed to move after that campus shut down.) The developers want to turn the Aluminaire Home into a museum and use the proceeds from a surrounding eight-unit residential build to provide income for it. The new residential development, rendered above, uses terra cotta cladding with a brick pattern. Sunnyside Gardens residents think the museum business is just a smokescreen for the residential development. Residents want a community garden at the site instead. The final word on the matter is up to the LPC — we’re curious to see how they’ll vote when it comes to an existing historic building, not necessarily contextual, moving to an underutilized lot. What do you think?

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    Rendering via Queens Crap

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