Closing Bell: New Sculpture on Crescent Street Lot in Long Island City


    A new sculpture has been installed on a formerly empty, paved lot in Long Island City. The sculpture, Parting, by New York-based architects, Jerome W Haferd and K Brandt Knapp was installed by Socrates Sculpture Park and is the inaugural work on the site, a 10,000 square foot lot owned by Rockrose Development Corp. The work begins with an eight-foot tall entry point that descends towards a walking path. According to a release from Socrates, “Parting is a series of columns that play with the ground plane, and beams that follow a game of rise and fall. The structure is topped by a triangulated canopy, which chain link then envelopes and dances across.” John Hatfield, Executive Director of Socrates, said in a statement, “Parting is an extraordinary site-specific project that straddles categories of art and architecture. Our partnership with Rockrose is yet another example of how creative forces can transform small urban spaces into moments of discovery and vibrancy.” The work will be up at 43-29 Crescent Street in Long Island City until March 31, 2014.

    Photo: Courtesy Nate Dorr


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