Closing Bell: Last Chance to See "Better Homes" at SculptureCenter


    Today is the last chance to catch Better Homes, an exhibit at Sculpture Center that examines the evolution of domestic interiors. The exhibit takes a critical look at how our notions of self are reflected in the environments we create for ourselves to live in: “Interiors were an extension of identity, representing gender, fashion, and class, and re-establishing what constituted the private and the public. Now, in the 21st century, interior design has been professionalized and packaged for the mass market. With the proliferation of department stores and publications instructing consumers on how to make the best dinners, living rooms, and lifestyles, how has the notion of domestic space, and all it encapsulates, been redefined in contemporary culture?”

    The center, at 44-19 Purves Street in Long Island City, is open Thursday through Monday 11AM to 6 PM. Admission is $5.

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