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Living Large And Spacious In A 3 BR In Prospect Park South

About this Property
Come home to this Huge 2 BR apartment that's flooded with light and plenty closet space! In addition to the excellent living area, the big spacious, windowed kitchen comes with a full size microwave, stove, refrigerator, lots of cabinets and a full size pantry. All bedrooms have windows that bring in a lot of great light and they all have closets, one bedroom comes with a decorative fireplace and another cozy bedroom has a half bath right inside! The hallway has a coat closet and the Master bath has a linen closet. Great Layout has enough room for everything you need, want and more! Call to schedule an appointment today!
Property History
  • 1/6/2017Information Last Updated
  • 1/28/2013Added to Brownstoner by Ideal Properties Group at $2,075
  • 2/01/2013No Longer Available
  • Status:No Longer Available
Diane Valentine
Ideal Properties Group
Mike Colombo
Ideal Properties Group
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