231 Norman Avenue

About this Property
Greenpoint Brooklyn Commercial Lofts For Sale In the heart of a follow-your-dreams city, giant spaces that let you do just that. Greenpoint Lofts offer open-plan lofts with over-sized windows and soaring ceilings that are as ideal for companies as artists. This is the place where ideas find their ideal habitat as Manhattan views drive ambitions, unique amenities like private terraces and a rooftop deck act as muses, the walls never crowd, and 10-16 ft. ceilings provide plenty of headroom for movie screens or your artistic endeavors. Here, your business is always just minutes away from Manhattan by subway or car, and nanoseconds away from the world by high-speed fiber optics. Your options are endless and opportunities are unlimited, the time to make Greenpoint Lofts your headquarters, satellite office, or studio is now as the surroundings begin to bustle with new residences, restaurants, and pioneers seeking out the next hot spot to work and play. Please Note: Residential Use and Living are Not Permitted @ the Greenpoint Lofts This is not an offering. The complete offering terms are available in an offering plan from the sponsor. CD# 05-0483.
Property History
  • 1/29/2016Information Last Updated
  • 1/10/2013Added to Brownstoner by Aptsandlofts.com at $245,000
  • 3/28/2013No Longer Available
  • Status:No Longer Available
  • Size:809 Sq Ft
  • Type:Condos
  • ID:3604628
Nicholas Griffin
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