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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling October 11, 2012 at 3:18 pm

where to purchase bathroom fixtures

We are renovating our bathroom and need to purchase a pedestal sink, toilet, and new faucets.  We want something attractive, but basic and affordable.  We’d love to buy from a local Brooklyn vendor rather than Home Depot or Lowes — any suggestions?

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Park Slope Plumbing Supply on 5th

Quality bath has a lot of things but you’d still need to go to a showroom and look around.  
AF New York has a great showroom in the city, but the service was horrible so I didn’t feel bad just getting a quote and buying from QB what I could.

check out Build It Green!



I second Park Slope Plumbing Supply.  They don’t have much of a showroom, but if you look online and pick what you want and then go in, they are truly great.  Prices are competitive, the service is great, and the local plumbers like working with them.
Build It Green is also awesome, but if you are limited with sizing etc sometimes buying new is the only way, sadly.

My bathroom renovation would have been SO much easier if I had just gone first to Park Slope Plumbing Supply, instead of finding them at the end of my search.  They are a small operation, with just two folks in the showroom, and they aren’t going to “pitch” you lots of ideas.  But as I asked questions, formulated ideas, kept asking follow ups, I got great advice and service.   I am very price sensitive and was worried I’d pay more than online but their prices were as cheap as anywhere.   By contrast, every single interaction I had with any of the big box stores made me want to tear my hair out. 

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