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Water through the electrical box?


Has anyone had a problem with water coming in from outside, through the electrical box?  Con Edison came about a year ago and re-cemented around the pipe and re-sealed the box on the street (it was full of water), which seemed to fix the problem. But now it’s leaking again, they came last week & re-sealed around the pipe, but it’s pouring through again today.  Anyone ever have this problem?  We can’t figure out where the water is coming from.  Who do I call to help?  Thanks!

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I had a similar issue a number of years ago.  It was finally resolved when the street was resurfaced and a plumbing problem up the street was fixed.  



This is a different situation from what I recently experienced, but may have ramifications for you. A day after Hurricane Sandy flooded my basement, I noticed a leak outside my front basement door. It was bubbling from the corner where the retaining wall to my lower area met the building next door. Over the course of several months, it grew until about one month ago, the water started coming into my basement thru the foundation, which threatened all the rehab work being done to restore the damage to my finished basement.
After several calls to the DEP where they came out and tested with sound and dye, they declared it was gorind water and I would have to deal with it. I pressed the matter and filed a formal complaint thru 311. That forced the DEP to dig up the street to see if it was in fact a leak from one of the water lines. While it wasn’t in front of my house, they discovered a leak coming from 3 house away. They notified the owner that he had 2 days to fix the leak and lo and behold, once that leak was fixed, my water issue disappeared! After 3 months of rangling back n forth and almost having a water mitigation company dig up my basement and add $10K worth of french drains, my problem has been solved.
Call up 311, explain your situation and file a formal complaint. They should be able to forward it to the proper office. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
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