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Carpenters and Woodworkers November 4, 2012 at 11:12 am

vapor barrier extension floor

During the inspection of the home we are looking to buy, there was an issue with no vapor barrier being installed under the extension (small room) of the home on the garden floor. There is a crawl space fully below the extension, so I imagine installing a vapor barrier is not a big deal right? 

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Only if it is accessible.

it depends where you want to install vapor barrier? in crawl space it is enough to put 6-8 mil polyethylene film , and check if crawl space is adequatly ventilated. check walls in crawl space if they have any vapor retarder/barrier on them. Another think is to install vapor barrier/retarder on the subfloor. it depends on what kind of subfloor you have ; concrete or wood (plywood, osb, planks ) and what kind of flooring material you are planning to use. 
Give me a call with any questions, and mention Brownstoner forum. My name is Tomasz – 347 628 3965 and I am Certified Flooring inspector, Installer from NWFA -National Wood Flooring Association 

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