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Tickets for not clearing sidewalk snow?

Watching one of my son’s classmates end up flat on his back in 2″ of rainwater as he and his mom tried to cross 20′ section of sidewalk that’s now an inclined skating rink make me wonder, if city issues tickets to property owners who don’t clear their sidewalks of snow?
I’ve seen the occasional post from someone fined because a newspaper blew into their front yard and Sanitation issued a ticket, but have never hear anyone talking about snow related tickets.
Just curious.
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Tickets are possible, but VERY rare for residential properties. Some people advise owners of one and two  family houses [where the City still has liability for injuries] to NOT clear snow and ice because of potential liability problems, but I think that’s unconsonable and always clear the snow in front of my house ASAP after a storm.

Plenty of tickets are issued for residential properties, but always a few days after the storm.  I’m aware of corner houses with a lot of foot traffic where clearing 150 feet of sidewalk is difficult that have been ticketed over the years under different ownerships.  Shovel and salt out of concern for your neighbors.

I’ve known many 1 and 2 family brownstone owners in Park Slope who have been ticketed for not clearing their sidewalk over the years. Tickets were issued by the Dept of Sanitation. Often it’s when someone has called in to complain about a specific address. The urban myth that not shoveling will help in liability suits is untrue.

30 years doing this and i got one of these about 10 years back after 3 hours wresling with an ice storm. Finally put down 100 lbs of kitty litter ( that’s a lot of litter, more than Sigfreid and Roy would need) and still got a ticket .

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