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Heating February 5, 2013 at 7:25 pm

The Pipes! The Pipes!

My duplex is heated by a combination of slant-fin and cast iron baseboard hot-water heat.  Been here 3 seasons now with no problems to speak of.
There is a heat-pipe that runs above the drop-ceiling of my bedroom (questionable design, yes) and a few weeks ago I started hearing a rapid tapping sound from that pipe every time the heat comes on – followed by a few deep thuds which then taper off.  The whole event lasts about a minute.
Anyone have any idea what the issue might be?  As far as I can tell this is the highest point in the system.  Could this be air in the line?  The system was bled last season but not this year.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Cipster,
I had a similar problem and yes, needed to be bled, let air out, but continued. Eventually I had a spiral vent installed. That cured it forever! It’s best to consult with a plumber however.

I had a horrible tapping that kept me up at night. Bleeding the radiators didn’t help. Masterplvmber (John from Gateway) was able to fix it, though. It turned out that the pipe support had snapped in the basement, causing the pipe to slip. I can’t remember why that caused the tapping/thumping, but repairing the support got rid of the problem.  

It is good to invite a technician to visit when the event usually occurs. 

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