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Appliances January 30, 2013 at 12:45 pm

Structural Mason

Can anyone recommend a good structural mason? That is, one who can cut a couple of holes in a double course brick wall, install steel lintels, stone sills, and two new windows?  Licensed and insured, of course.
Thanks for any good rec’s.

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Sorry if I am stating the obvious, but this kind of work requires design by an architect or engineer as well as a permit from the DOB, as this is a structural change to the wall.  Lot-line windows also have their own set of requirements.  I’m sure people here can recommend masons they’ve used before; maybe your architect/engineer could as well?


I would recommend Joe Horvath of Horvath Contracting 718-326-8545. I’ve used him a number of times to do small masonry jobs like installing ac units, dryer vents, raisiing a window sill, etc. He also has a rigger’s license and his own scaffolding if that’s required.

ALthough this work requires a DOB Work Permit, it does NOT require any engineering. Lintels are NOT a structural element. I do this type of work and will be ahappy to take a look at this. Call me when you get a chance 917.502.5704 Robert Myles.

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