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Roofers January 16, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Roof is Leaking, Need recs

The roof is flat, but slightly sloped.  The inspection report did say there are issues with the roof so we’re not completely blindsighted.  It’s been a few months and now it is leaking a little bit.  Nobody currently lives on that floor because we just bought the house & we are living in the lower floor.
Need ROOFER or ROOF Repair Company recommendations.

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Nick at Leakmasters is great.

Rising CraneAnonymous

Tri-state — ask for Sean 347-362-6266

I second Nick @ Leakmasters. We used him last year and were very pleased.

Get a few estimates. I use, and recommend, Tribeca Roofing: (718) 439-6333

We were pleased with the work of Mike at Roofmasters.

We, too, have been very pleased with Mike at Roofmasters.  Good work, responds to emergencies, fair price, good guys working for him, and he’s a stand-up guy.  Tell him the folks in the carriage house highly recommended him.

another question on this thread – what would be a ballpark cost to completely replace a flattish roof on a 17X50′ bstone? ours is just about at that point and I don’t think it can handle another layer of tar – I think we’ll have to rip it all up and start fresh – never done this before so I have zero idea what would be reasonable…any advice? thanks!!

OP 1 & 2.  I was up on a roof with clients this past week.  They asked about a whole roof tear off.  I told them I did not think they needed that.  Independently, so did my roofer and some other roofer they reached out to.  I first hired my leakmaster to tackle some leaks on and old roof.  He charged me $500.00.
On the flipside, on a gut reno, we charged a considerable sum ($16K) for the new roof as specified in architectural drawings.

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