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Topic: Resources for period-appropriate renovation of Art Deco coop

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling January 27, 2013 at 9:26 pm

Resources for period-appropriate renovation of Art Deco coop

I’m embarking on a renovation of a small coop in a 1931 building, and am looking for resources to help inform the design. We’re lucky that most of the original details remain, but the bath will need to be gutted, and certain other elements — door hardware, light fixtures, some of the kitchen — have been lost over the years. To be clear, I know about Rejuvenation, House of Antique Hardware, etc., but am looking for websites, books, etc. to help identify period-appropriate details. If anyone has contractor recommendations for a project like this, I’d be happy to hear those as well.

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You may find me in the directory under shower stalls – Green Mountain.

Schoolhouse Electric is one of the best sources for Art Deco light fixtures. For bathrooms and kitchens I’d try Google or Bing images as welll as Pinterest and Etsy. You’ll also get a good sense of period color palates. I think you can also find some images on Houzz. Dover has some publications containing public realm design motifs.

I used to have an apartment in an Art Deco building. The bathroom was largely intact. It featured golden yellow plumbing fixtures. The tub was long and deep with a curved end. The sink a pedestal type with wide top. The walls had yellow 4″ x 4″ tiles to about 48″, except around the tub. The top tile band was black. There was a recessed soap dish and ceramic toothbrush holder, again golden yellow. Flooring was an unglazed mozaic of earth tones. There was a built in hamper with a curved top.

That apartment had all its original light fixtures. The kitchen and bath had conical schoolhouse fixtures and the foyer a vaguely Moorish fixture with amber glass.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @elbow! Yes, this helps considerably, particularly regarding the light fixtures. Those have been the hardest to identify so far.

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