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Carpenters and Woodworkers February 7, 2012 at 9:57 am

replacing base moulding

We’d like to replace the base moulding in our brownstone’s hallway and staircase. The moulding around some of our windows as well. Are there companies that specialize in that or is it a simple carpenter’s project? Recommendations?

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Before you spend a ton of money on custom molding, you might want to check with Dykes Lumber and see if you can’t put 2-3 pieces together to replicate the original. We did that in our hallway and it’s not exact, but it’s a decent enough match that nobody notices.

Why? Just curious.

I have some base moulding that we are removing. Can you email me a picture of your moulding? My address is: Thanks.

You might be able to do this yourself or just fix what is there.
I recently added crown molding to the hallway in my apartment, which I did with the help of a friend. I’m not very good with home improvements but it only took us a Saturday afternoon.  The only issue was that my walls are not straight but with a little caulk, we were able to fill the gaps.  You can buy molding at most lumber store – I bought mine at Metropolitan Lumber (
Another option is to fix the scratches and re-paint it.  check out this articles for step-by-step, easy to follow instructions:

It is a simple carpenter’s project. You also might be able to do it yourself.
You can buy moldings off the shelf at Dyke’s, your carpenter can replicate moldings in resin (if you plan to paint them), or you can have a router bit custom made for you and your carpenter can make the moldings using the router bit. Adriatic will also make a custom bit and the moldings for you, but they charge double what it would cost you going direct. Check the Dyke’s catalog online to see if they have something you like.

Good morning.
It depends on the style of baseboard you currently have.   I am a carpenter, specialty in trim/molding/ doors/pocket doors etc.
I can get you molding stock. Another concern is following the floor line with the baseboard as a DIY project. They never are level. Most likely there is an existing shoe molding also which will help eliminate scribing. Call me @ 917 886 9576 with any questions. John.

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