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Tile March 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Replacing a Bathtub – Cost?

Hi Brownstoners,
Our tub is cracked and is now leaking.  It will need to be replaced, which also means that we will need replace the surrounding marble tile (see if we can match the existing).
Does anyone have an idea (ballpark) on how something like this might cost?  Any recommendations on contractors?
Has anyone seen a nice design where the tile near the tub is different than the rest of the tile on the wall?  In case we cannot find a good match on the tile, the other option is to consider a new design that looks intentional.
Thank you!

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Cracked tub?  Leaking?  What is this tub made of that cracks so easily?  From where is it leaking?  Do you mean the “reglazing” is cracked and it is leaking from the rim, where the tile meets the tub?

My business is renovating bathrooms and I wish the old rusted cast iron tub I have to remove this week from its 100 year perch could be cut up so easily, but it too will crack.  As I am booked, I can not offer to do this for you – unless you became a renovation customer and the goal was to keep you using it until your turn in my schedule arrived.  But, fiberglass repair kits with instructions are available.  If you can’t find one regarding bathtubs, try sculpture or marine suppliers.  Remember the resin is toxic and a dust mask is not good enough.  You need a carbon cartridge respirator.  And, open all the windows in your apartment and set up a fan in the bathroom window to exhaust the fumes, or if none, make sure the ventilation fan/duct you have is working.  Wear the mask while sanding, which will be part of the prep.
You can find me in the Brownstoner Directory under Shower Stalls.  Good luck.

Try calling the contractor below.  I had to tear down 2 walls in my bathroom due to leaks and hired Spinner.  I was very happy with the work including he committed to completing the job in 5 days and did.  Had a great project manager that was very good at communicating questions and decisions that we need to review daily.  I had some additional work done in my kitchen so not sure if I can separate the cost.  But I will say — you get what you pay for and the reason I had to redo the walls was I did not hire the right contractor the first time around.  I’ve learned my lession!
Jonathan Spinner
770 Broadway – Suite 241
New York, NY 10003

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