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Facade and Brownstone Repair March 23, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Repairing one step on a brownstone stoop?

Can anyone advise me how to get one step repaired?
Everyone I contact says the whole stoop must be redone, when only one step is cracked.
Anyone know anyone who would fix the one step for now?
Also anyone know a reliable way to know if the whole stoop must be redone?

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No one wants to take the liability of repairing one step. How does the rest of the stoop looK?

From working on historic metalwork on brownstone buildings for many years, I must say joegc your right. But I can recommend a very skill and experience and reasonable Brownstone specialist. My contact info is below.

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There’s no reason that one step can’t be repaired without doing the entire stoop. To suggest otherwise is nonsense. But yes, it’ll be hard to find someone who has the skill to tackle such a small job. Maybe the guy who did mine would, if he is free. Unfortunately I don’t have his contact details anymore but others have mentioned him here if you search around under facade repair. His name is Millad.

This winter has been brutal for brownstone facades. Everywhere you look, lots of cracking, crumbling and spalling. I would carefully check your other steps before repairing only one. Liability is much less an issue than the cost, time and effort of color matching and durability. Because their compositions will differ, the patch or repair is bound to expand and contract at a different rate than the rest of the stoop. The color is also bound to differ, even if work done by one of the few outstanding brownstone repair masons.
This is the contact info I once copied from a previous post recommending Millad (CTG construction): 718-669-8305 or
I’ve never used him. I’ve seen a bit of his work and not impressed. I have no idea whether that contact info is current.

Are you in Landmark district? With neighbors too quick these days to call 311, many contractors are leery about making “small repairs”. Also, the contractors that you have called already may well have noticed that the rest of the stoop is loose from this last winter. The repair may well need more than smearing a patch but properly correcting foundation work under the surface. In other words, a patch is not sufficient to get a satisfactory result and they know from experience that it will be a constant problem….one step at a time!


I know of a contractor who will help you out with your project his name is Dan I think he will repair the one step for you. he is very reasonable and he also offers free estimates he can be reached at 718 485-1044.

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