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Heating January 27, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Radiators needed

What is a good source for buying new radiators, and which type is recommended? I gather that what we have now is both too small and the wrong type (see pic.) For example, the size of that one in our living room (with high ceilings) is only about 2.5 ‘ long and about 1′ high. I don’t think it is cast iron but someone did say this type does not retain heat as well as the typical cast iron type.

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You would have to tell me what kind of heating system you’re using: 1or 2-pipe steam, or hot water? 

for one pipe steam cast iron radiators are the most suitable…any decent plumbin supply will carry them, e,g, park slope plumbing supply…here is an example… http://www.governaleindustries.com/govfree.cfm

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