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Heating and Cooling February 7, 2013 at 11:20 am

Quiet PTAC? Possible?

I have 5 Islandair PTAC and the noise is pretty bad.  Not so much during the winter, but in the summer the compressor is really loud.  Temperature wise, they work pretty well, but I don’t want to live with the noise.  I’m looking into a split system, but because I still have to install a compressor, I’m not sure thats really a viable option.
Is it possible to replace them with a quieter unit? Is finding a quiet PTAC like searching for a white whale?
Online, it looks like GE6100, Amana and LG are commonly touted as the “quietest” but they are self-proclaimed.  There are no standard dBa levels given so I’m hoping people can give an opinion.  I don’t want to go through the exercise if I will only see a marginal difference.  I’m looking for a major upgrade with respect to noise.  I know this is crazy- but is there a showroom where I can actually hear different units running? Any recommendations for contractors to come see my space and give me a proposal would also be welcome.
Thanks in advance all.

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Since a PTAC is a compressor inside your house – it will always be loud.  There is no way that or a window unit can ever be truly quiet.  A mini-split has the compressor completely outside and merely a fan inside (which are very quiet) – a whole world of difference.  You are a great candidate for a mini-split solution.  Probabaly save a bunch of money as well on efficiency.  If you were going to do them all, two small compressors outside could prob. handle around six decent sized indoor air handlers / zones.  

Fredrich window units were the quietest sold prior to the PTACS hitting markets..and they were real cooling quiet.then the sliders came out and your complaint was always heard in heating with wet coils low speed nice and quiet in the winter but the summer is as said.you have a compressor running in a metal box during the night…with hi fan consider ductless systems if you want silent cooling..

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