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Plumbers and Plumbing January 22, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Preventing Pipe Freezes

With the artic air settling in for the week I am wondering if anyone else is worried about the possibility of frozen pipes.  One side of our brownstone is unattached and we’re a little concerned about the extended cold spell.  We have already insulated pipes that we’re able to reach on that side of the house but some pipes are still inevitably vulnerable.  Apart from this, can anyone offer any other precautionary measures we should all be taking? 

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As long as you’re heating the whole house you should be OK.
If you’ve got fixtures that don’t get regular use and have plumbing that runs through an area that isn’t well heated it wouldn’t hurt to run a small amount of water occasionally. I once had an issue where a cold water faucet in a bathroom above a cold / unheated area of the basement stopped working during a severe cold spell. Was lucky no pipes burst. Every time we used the sink we’d only run hot water to wash hands, but if we had turned on the cold water occasionally it might have have prevented the freeze-up.

Yes, just let it drip.

If the pipes are exposed you can also shine a 75 Watt light bulb on the area – just use a work-light w/ a cowl to somewhat focus the heat.

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