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Painters and Painting & Stripping January 29, 2013 at 10:25 am

Painting Fire Escapes in Cold Weather?

We received a notice of violation that our fire escapes require painting and we have a hearing coming up shortly. I have looked into manufacturer’s recommendations and they universally state, avoid painting if it is below 50 degrees. We’re wondering if there is an effective means of painting when it is below 50. Alternatively, if we bring examples of the manufacturers recommendations to the hearing, should we be able to avoid a penalty by introducing these recommendations into evidence?

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I’ve gotten time extensions on ECB violations, though you’ll have to go to the hearing to get one.

Alternatively, painters frequently tent their work area and employ space heaters to paint in low temperatures.

Tenting fire escapes when it is 20-30 degrees outside and bringing out space heaters to raise the temperature of the air and metal to over 50 degrees seems like more of a fire hazard than a viable solution unless a real emergency condition exists, but thanks for the answer.

Some painters claim you need to tent fire escapes to comply with EPA lead regulations. Any replies to THAT idea?

Yes.  Try to get an extension.  In order to paint (well, properly), you need weather that is consistently above 50 (for about 3 days) so the substrate you are painting isn’t frozen.  I honestly don’t think tenting and space heaters work.

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