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Decks and Porches January 12, 2013 at 11:26 am

Material to cover/protect rubber roof?

We have a 1000 sq roof flat rubber roof. About a third of it is covered with a wood deck. We were told not to walk on or put anything on the rest of the surface unless we cover it first. We have tried snap in tiles and outdoor carpet, but nothing can withstand the intense sun and wind we get. I have considered astroturf but am concerned about drainage. We need something very affordable as we used all our funds to pay for the wood deck and something very weather resistant as it often feels like a tornado up there and it gets intense sun and rain. Thanks!

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I’m not 100% clear on your question, but all rubber roofs should probably be coated with that silver material (sorry, someone else may know the name but I think Karnak makes one) that you can buy at Home Depot. It comes in a 3-5 gallon bucket and you can roll it on. It’s primarily for reflecting the sun in the summer so it protects the rubber and keeps the sub-roof area cooler.

Any chairs or tables should go on the wooden deck that you wrote already covers 1/3rd of your roof. You can walk on the unprotected surface to a reasonably limited extent, assuming you’re not wearing spikes :-)

The roofs of most buildings (both load capacities as well as roof materials) were never intended as party, recreation and relaxation spaces. Roofing materials are not engineered for foot traffic, let alone furniture, etc. Google “walk pads”, which are laid on roof surfaces to provide protection for maintenance traffic.

Asbestos is a good option. I got my house roofing done by Roof Lines East Inc , the roofing company in Toronto. They did a pretty good job.

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