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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling February 16, 2013 at 6:46 pm

Looing for a part-time super in Clinton Hill

Hi all,  do you know of a good candidate to work as a part-time super for a 16-unit building in Clinton HIll?  We’d really like someone in the neighborhood so they can get to the site quickly, when necessary).  Thank you for any recommendations.
General tasks:
– Weekly site inspection (checking all entry doors, checking roof/building drains, checking building grounds)
– Monitor building systems (boiler, water systems), monitor oil levels/order deliveries, flush boiler
– Clean outdoor areas of debris, leaves, snow (we have a porter who does inside cleaning and trash/recycling)
– On demand, meet service providers and building deliveries to grant access to building
– Respond to shareholder calls for building issues/emergencies
– Must have good basic command of English
Thank you!

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I know a super who manages my friends buildings for the past 4 years (i think 150 units).  Really nice guy.  has 4 porter and 2 supers under his supervision and he is looking to move on from that for something more on a part time basis.  email me and i can give you his contact info.  michlew30@yahoo.com

Hi borah1stev, did you find a solution? we live in the same size building and are looking for a part-time super as well.

How much should we expect for a similar type of service? He would probably only have to come once a week for site inspection and monitor building systems and on demand (for anything out of the ordinary).


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