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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling September 10, 2012 at 12:35 pm

Kitchen/bath restoration rather than renovation?

Hi folks,
I’m close to making an offer on a coop that still has its original deco tiling in the bath and 30s solid wood kitchen cabinets. Both seem to be in pretty good shape, and rather than gut the rooms, I’d like to strip/restore the cabinets and maintain the bath wall tile. This is as much for aesthetic reasons as for cost — of course like everyone else we’ll be on a tight budget.
I haven’t heard much about this type of work as opposed to complete re-dos, but I assume that it’s done and that there are some contractors who would be better at it than others. We’d keep the tub in the bath as well, but would have to replace the floor tiles, sink, and toilet. The kitchen would get new appliances and tile, and the cabinets might have to be adjusted to fit (and/or a new one cut to match).
Has anyone done something similar, and have a contractor to recommend? And if I need a reality check and this kind of work would actually be *more* expensive than gutting and starting with new materials, I’d like to know.

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The specific items you describe should not be a problem, nor should it cost more. It should cost less. To remove the tile floor, they will have to remove any “baseboard” tile that sits on top of it. Likely they will accidentally break a few pieces. American Restoration Tile in Arkansas can make exact copies.

A restoration project is indeed cheaper than a complete renovation project. Since your only having “parts” of the kitchen/bathroom re-constructed/replaced. A gut reno would cost you perhaps 2x a much if not more. I would recommend High-Tech Co. I have used them in the past for a renovation/restoration project. Hopefully they can assist you on a budget as well. You can reach them at 1347-792-1266.

In general in restoration, material costs are lower (as there are less) but contractor costs are higher (as you need a better one), but for what you’re describing, I can’t imagine that the total costs of your projects will be more than gutting.  I don’t know how long you’ll be staying in your apartment, but I think restoration projects come across as more thoughtful and the apartments have more character, which translate into better resales.  Anyone could put in Ikea kitchens and bathroooms; not anyone can have a place with original tiles and cabinets.  Good luck!

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