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Fencing July 18, 2011 at 3:34 pm

Installing Wood Fence over Chain Link Posts

I’d like to upgrade our backyard look from the standard chain link lot line fences. Our fences are in good shape and sturdy. My thought is to build a wood fence using the posts and top rail for the chain link. It seems as if there are a couple of bracket systems for doing this. I’d attach pressure treated 1x to the posts, and then attach cedar rails to the pressure treated wood. One neighbor is really easy going, the other already has a trellis on his side, but I’d clear it with them first. Does this plan seem sound? Feedback appreciated.

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Sounds like a fine plan to me.  Hanging a wood fence from galvanized posts cemented into the ground works really well.  The posts never deteriorate. 

I just wired some sections to my chain poles.  Unless you find a way or buy the right hardware to keep the sections from shifting down, you may wish to put something on the ground (like a brick) so the wood does not sit on the soil; it will last longer.


We did this 5 years ago with the help of We also wanted to keep the old chain link posts in place as proof of where the backyard property line had been for years in case there ever was a dispute (since the old fence was not quite at 90 degrees–in our favor and at our neighbor’s expense. There’s this thing called adverse possession…)

We just finished (today) doing something similar — first moved chain link to actual property line and then built wood fence just inside c-l. I’m not sure I can load pictures here, but if you would like to see what it looks like, email me at housereno at earthlink dot net. Wood fence is also by MUD Landscaping, looks fabulous.

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