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Facade and Brownstone Repair July 19, 2012 at 2:06 pm

How to choose facade color?

We are in the midst of re-doing the facade on our brownstone.  For those of you who have gone through this process, how do you go about choosing the color of the “brownstone” replacement?  Do you see a building color you like and bring the contractor over?  Is there a book or catalog that lists brownstone tints and names?  Thanks

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The contractor will trowel on a couple sample colors (based on your overall preferences) and you pick. Make sure you let it dry before choosing, maybe even wait a couple days. Good luck.

I would think one would pick based on original color, and if not available anymore (due to painting of brownstone at some point?), then on the color of the others in the row, to blend in and all.

I saved a chunk of brownstone that was chipped off and had the contractor match the “inside” that was not exposed for over 100 years.  That turned out to be a good bridge between the house on one side that was original but patched (not great but not the worst I’ve seen) and the house on the other side that was refaced (badly) in the ’70s maybe and was done too light.

Hi there can I be so bold to ask what the ball park is for this type of project? We are beginning to save for the same type of thing. Thanks!

For a 4 story building, we got quotes anywhere from $45,000 to $90,000.  It ain’t cheap.

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