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Heating and Cooling February 5, 2013 at 4:47 pm

Hot water: drain and flush?

Our building just had a new hot water heater installed, and in the manual that came with the heater, it says the tank should be drained and flushed every 6 months.  To my knowledge, we’ve never drained and flushed at all before.  How important is it to do this?  And is 6 months too often?
It also says that the anode rod should be inspected annually, and the temperature pressure-relief valve should also be operated annually?  Are these necessary as well?

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yes to all of those. If you do that it will prolong the life of the heater, but no one ever does, including myself.

It is so necessary that if you do not do those it might damage or leak your heater after a time. Soooo, You have to do that or be ready to count service charge any time.

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