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Construction February 27, 2013 at 1:33 pm

HELP: Leak through PTAC Unit when it rains

I live in a New Developement building with PTAC units made from a manufacturer called “Suburban”.  As you can see from the picture after a heavy windy storm somehow we get water under out floor boards.  I have opened up the unit to the best of my abilities and still cannot find the source of the leak nor the way to fix it.  My Condo sponsor is a lame-duck who says that the wind is so strong that the water finds it way through the PTAC unit into the building.  I’ve called a PTAC specialist who says there is nothing he can do and instead suggests hiring a contractor to come in.
Any advice on what to do / who to call?  We do live in a very windy corner of the slope and we get this wetness only when its a very windy rain-storm.  

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I have a similar problem with certain windy rains and my tenant’s roof top ac.  I’m going to try replacing the insulation near where the vents are located.  What’s happening outside at your place?  Is there a grill?

Elbow, my PTAC unit is an in-wall unit that has electric AC and gas heat.  Yes there is a grill air duct on the outside of the building for this PTAC unit

Can you get to the grill?  Caulk can work wonders and it’s cheap enough that you can try it even if it doesn’t work.

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