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Garden Design and Maintenance February 20, 2013 at 11:07 am

Garden Irrigation – Drip vs Pop-up Sprinkler Systems

If I were to landscape my garden and put in an irrigation system, which would be the better choice, drip system or the more traditional pop-up sprinklers? I would like it to be on a timer system so it would automatically turn on at a scheduled time each day. Does anyone have experience with both? Pros and cons? thanks.

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I use a drip system and it is on a timer.  Works great.  Lowes has one you can do yourself.

Thx. That’s good to know. Was it complicated to install and set up? 

Go with drip or a combination of drip and soaker hose – they use less water and lessen the risk of mold/rot/disease, especially in a fenced city backyard which doesn’t get enough air movement at ground level anyway.  There are plenty of resources online by which you can educate yourself enough to install a simple system on timers.  It’s extremely easy.

I vote for drip irrigation as well.  Some plants are sensitive to mold or mildew, so splashing city water can damage your plantings.
The Dripstore sells kits with flow regulators, timers, tubes and sprayers.  Don’t be afraid to call them with questions, they are very helpful.  It is not difficult to install, just takes a day or two, and some thinking about what you need to irrigate.
Another easy solution is to install a soaker hose with a timer, if you have in-ground perimeter plantings.  It won’t work on containers or if you have non-contiguous planting areas.
Ot you can mix the two: install a timer that will control both a soaker hose and some drip tubing for your containers.

We use a soaker hose with timer. After 10 years, we’ll be replacing the old hose with new this Spring. Because our yard is deep, we have two loops. Otherwise the water pressure is insufficient. A neighbor of mine lost a beautiful Magnolia tree because her expensive irrigation system was over-watering.

Hi … I have a drip irrigation system that Anthony Ortega installed for me a few years ago. It’s a great system, works very, very well and is easy to use. Anthony figured out the needs of my garden (in terms of water flow/plant water reqs) and then ran all the hoses, installed the timer, rain sensor and controller. It works for me as I set the timer, duration and let it do its thing. I also have a roof deck where I was thinking of doing the same thing.
I really don’t see any cons of this system. While I’ve never had a pop-up watering system, I imagine it would get areas of my garden wet that don’t need to be watered. The drip system targets the stems/roots of my plants. It’s easy to winterize and reset in the spring. All plants are thriving beautifully.
Anthony is a great guy, very professional, great to work with and will create a system that works for you. Email me privately for his contact info.

tlocone:  don’t see your e-mail address and I’d like to contact Anthony for an irrigation system.  If you don’t want to post it, you can email me at ilovestoops at

Irrigation system is the best.But Pop up sprinklers are best suited in some cases.It is better to install an irrigation systems before sawing seeds or wide landscaping since there is chance of some of it to be torn up.For more information on sprinklers and irrigation systems log on to:

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