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About Brooklyn July 10, 2015 at 1:40 am

Ditmas Park?


Hey Brownstoners,
Thinking of moving to Ditmas, and no this has nothing to do with Michelle Williams (can’t afford where she bought). Any thoughts on the area? Safety? Getting around?
We have a car and the thought of a driveway I must admit is dreamy…

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The Victorian Flatbush neighborhoods are among the most beautiful in Brooklyn and as safe as any part of the city.There are people walking dogs at all hours. There are isolated incidents, but the violent crime on the outskirts is bad guys shooting their own. Several of the neighborhoods have private security patrols Parking on the streets isn’t as easy as it was years ago now that there are 2 and 3 car families, but it’s nothing like Park Slope except when they’re filming a movie. We also have subways and buses and it’s only a 20 minute ride to Wall Street, 45 to Midtown.

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