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Brownstone Renovation January 23, 2013 at 4:02 pm

Custom closet rec

I’ve gotten some great info from the forum and am happy to now be able to offer up some from my experience.  In case anybody is looking for custom closets, I wanted to give a recommendation for Castle Closets.  Almost 2 years ago we used them, I think after finding praise for them here.  I spent a fair amount of time looking at our options (custom build with a contractor from solid wood, container store, etc.) and after using Castle would definitely recommend them to others.  
Our brownstone doesn’t really have closets so we used one of the 1/2 bedrooms (the kind a crib or desk can fit into) as a big walk-in closet.  A rep came out and measured everything and discussed our storage needs then a few days later she emailed me a detailed design plan with some options.  She did a great job maximizing the space in there for us. A few weeks later the installer came and put it all in without making a mess.  Two years on and it’s very sturdy but I think can be pretty easily removed if the next owner wanted to.
I’ve attached a photo (sorry for the poor quality image) to give you an idea what we got.

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WOuld you mind sharing the cost? Thanks

I don’t have the exact price on hand, but we paid probably around $1800.  There’s more compartments you can’t really see in the photo that have a bunch of narrow (maybe 15 inches wide), small adjustable shelves on the ends, that are good for things like folded jeans or baskets for leggings, socks, etc.  

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