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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling November 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm

cost of bathroom renovation?

We’d like to renovate our old bathroom–really just a half bath–with new flooring, new sink, new toilet. Need to remove wood wainscotting in terrible shape and replace with plain flat sheetrock walls, probably replace some of the supply and/or waste pipes. Looking for sleek, no-frills modern style, quality but not super-deluxe fixtures–ie looking at simple Duravit sink at around $150, Toto dual-flush toilet at around $320; some kind of nice large tile flooring, or possibly linoleum (real linoleum, not vinyl). Anybody have a ballpark sense of what this project should cost? Or are there too many variables to say?

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I gather you want to hear from home owners on this, but let me say, it is hard to be an honest contractor, and say what it costs without seeing it.  As a licensed contractor (Consumer Affairs 1130473), I am obligated to stick to my price.
Here are some of the variables you might not have considered:  The first thing I will want to know is how easy is it to get there by cargo-bike, by car?  Is it on a high floor?  Are the stairs and vestibule blocked by the possessions of neighbors?  Are my work hours or access to freight elevators, ramps and loading docks restricted by building rules?
 Different contractors offer different services, having little to do with specialty, quality, or appearance.  Insurance is expensive, but not everybody has it.  Some take cash.  Others pay a CPA to conduct annual insurance audits of complete financial records.  Some have a workshop to store equipment and fabricate parts; others do that in your home.  Will you have a licensed plumber and electrician?  Provided by client or contractor?
Oh, about the bathroom….  You can find me in the ‘Stoner directory under shower stalls – Green Mountain.

Assume OP’s not looking for a hard-and-fast figure from a contractor, just other experiences.
I had a full bath stripped of old wall/floor tiles and new tiles installed in bath/shower section (not a fan of fully tiled baths), new floor tiles (penny hex). New sheetrock where torn down, and no changes to fixtures except cabinet and lights. Superhandyman type did it in a week. All in, < $5000. You have fixture  replacements, but without moving them install cost should be low. Not sure why you think you need replacing pipes, is that a guess? That can get costly, but I’ve had major bath plubing done (by a plumber) for a few thou.
I own my house;  if you need a fully licensed and insured contractor for a condo/coop, double the cost at least.

Luna, your participation is requested.  See:  “Ceramic subway tile on mesh sheets?”  11/11/12

If you are looking for design ideas for renovation from pros check out;

The cost depends on your needs. But it would be much cheaper if you would do it yourself. Have a free 3-D design from here: and go on..

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