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Taxes November 11, 2015 at 12:52 pm

Coop abatement letters? (late?)

Has anyone received their 2015 coop abatement notices?

I’m the treasurer for a small coop here in Brooklyn heights and we normally get our letters in July each year and write the disbursement checks out to our shareholders.

This year we are still waiting.

I’ve sent emails and they reply each time (2 to 3 weeks later) that the letters are still coming……

Whats the deal with the delay this year?

Has anyone received theirs yet?

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My co-op (small, self-managed) applied for the abatement for the first time this year and we’re still waiting too. Or, more specifically, they seem to have processed one apartment’s abatement, but not all of the units that should be receiving them. The last time my partner, who is the treasurer, emailed, he got a letter saying they were still processing and we’d have an updated bill in “early November.” Nothing yet. Incredibly frustrating, but glad we are not the only ones…

BTW just closing this topic out to say we finally got ours last week……only 5 months late.

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