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Building Code January 16, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Caught Between Dept of Buildings and National Grid

At the beginning of December our plumber self-certified his work (plumbing and gas) but due to a clerical error, the DoB did not grant us the permit number National Grid needs to provide gas service to townhouse. The DoB has fixed clerical error, but in doing so, marked file as plumber not being able to self-certify. We’ve now had two on-site inspections, and have failed both. (They are items, as you might guess, subject to code interpretation.) We want to move in by Feb 18th. But without gas, we won’t have heat. I am very concerned that we are just going to keep failing inspections — not to be paranoid, but I’ve heard stories. Our architect, gc, and plumber have all had their expeditors looking into this, with little action or suggestions on how to help. Any thoughts? Anyway to get National Grid to hook us up while still working of this DoB problem?

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That might have happened as the plumber is now on DOB’s black list, not allowing them to do self cert.  Since they have failed twice now that is most likley what happened.

DOB inspection, Gas Authorization gets marked on the file (by DOB), National Grid does their inspection, then the meter gets installed and service turned on. That’s the process. I really hope the PITA DOB inspectors don’t poke too hard. They seem to dig up stuff where there is really nothing. Take pity on your furnace installer. I’m sure he did a great job and is getting tangled up in a situation that was never intended by you or the Plumber.
Good luck.

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