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Real Estate – General January 14, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Building Square Footage

From what public record does Property Shark obtain a building’s square footage? I understand the number they show is not necessarily accurate, but I don’t find square footage listed on either DOB or Finance sites. Anyone know from which NYC site it’s been sourced? Thanks.

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I think the information is typically from Finance. Try a look up under OASIS; I think that’s the info that Property Shark uses.

Oasis calls a building’s square footage “building area.” NYC Zoning Glossary calls it  “building floor area.” Neither these nor Property Shark indicate the original source of their data. Nothing on any NYC Finance site I’ve looked at appears to be the source for the building’s square footage. Still looking for public record from which the square footage is sourced.

you can get it from the FInance Dept. website

Where exactly? I have looked throughout Finance site (multiple pages and links) and cannot find it. If you can provide a link or page name, it would be much appreciated.

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