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Carpenters and Woodworkers January 21, 2013 at 6:42 pm

buckled hardwood floor planks

we are looking for someone to do a small hardwood floor job.
We have a few planks next to a radiator that buckled out of floor following a valve leak.
Does anyone happen to know a woodworker who could take on this sort of job?

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I am waiting for a custom tile delivery right now.  If I agree your floor is a good candidate for repair, I can help you soon.   You will find a picture of a woodfloor with many repairs here.  If you choose to reply, please send a picture.
Green Mountain http://www.gmcandd.com/portfolio.html

hi, sure, here is a picture.


I had the exact same issue in my bedroom. It turned out to be a much more complicated job than I thought as the slow leak had caused a lot of damage under the floor before the planks started buckling.
I used Fausto –  faulil930@gmail.com – I’ve used his company for a ton of jobs big and small. They took out the radiator, capped the pipes, fixed the leak, replaced part of the sub/under floor (basically my bedroom floor is a wood floor above another woodfloor, which is probably common around here), put in new planks and then a new connector (not sure what it’s called) as the old one no longer lined up. They also removed and replaced part of the baseboards. I did *not* need to see what it all looked like underneath – a wet, mouldy mess.
I did mine before the heat came on as that’s what everyone I spoke to recommended. If you don’t control this, you’ll likely have to arrange it with the rest of your building, which might be more difficult now.
I didn’t get it properly refinished as I’m having them back to do all the floors in the apartment when I do a gut later this year but there’s no way the floor would have lasted another winter though, so it had to be addressed. 

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