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Real Estate – General January 7, 2013 at 11:44 am

Brooklyn Heights 3BR – Pricing

What is a 3 BR place worth in Brooklyn Heights? New construction apartments seem to be priced in the 2.25 – 3.00 million area. I know new construction gets a preimum (although I personally don’t think it’s worth it) and the market is up 40% in the last year in the Heights, but what should I pay for a proper 3BR in a brownstone building in BH today? There is no supply (literally, if you search 3 BR in BH there is nothing for sale). I’m being told $2million-ish by a few people thinking of listing their place – -Any thoughts?

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When I was looking for apartments and selling mine, I went to open houses and searched for comps on PropertyShark to see what similar properties had closed for three and six months earlier. PropertyShark shows closed sales for co-ops as well as as condos. You can also find closed sales on ACRIS. There is a bit of a delay in the recording of sales.

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