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Brownstoner February 3, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Bed-Stuy Heights 3-Family to purchase

My family is hunting for a 3-Family Brownstone (preferably) in Bed-Stuy Heights in which to live. If no renovation is needed, our budget can’t exceed $900,000. If the property needs renovation, the cost should be below that number so we can factor in the dollars needed to correct eveything that needs fixing. We are very motivated and would like to settle in as soon as possible. We are pre-approved for financing and would like to be in contract before long. The property would need to be delivered empty. Hope someone can steer us in the right direction…hoping for the best.

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please contact me

Other than the NY Times and the Listings here on brownstoner, look at and google sites of housebywe and stuyvesant heights brokerage on the corner of Stuyvesant and MacDonough

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