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Tile August 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm

Bath tile installation, please help me.

2 years ago, we hired non-proffesional tile guy for bath tile( subway tile ) installation. It was not whole bath room, 80 tiles right above/around bathtub.  Now those tiles need to be redone. I got several quotes from $350 – 700. I don’t want to pay too much, at same time job should be done professionally.
Question1: what is the proper way to install tiles in the shower bathroom?
Q2: How much is reasonable price for installing 80 tiles in the shower bathroom?
Q3: please share your favorite/reasonable priced/professional tile installer.
Thank you.

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Contact ET Construction Design & Glass, Visit our web site @ and go to the bathroom album and see tile work. We will pay you a visit and see what was previous done and explain in detail what should be done and the cost of it.

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To do the job properly, the walls should be Durock cement board, not wallboard.  If it’s a shower floor too, then there are various ways to install a “pan” that is needed from the old fashioned copper pan to new technologies of fabrics.

The job will never be right until you grasp that a proper, long lasting job requires demolition of the wall behind the tile.

Tubs come with a lip (flange) that sticks up above what you see now. The new hardi-backer board (or Durock) needs to be firred out (shimmed out) from the studs so it covers that flange and stops 1/8-1/4″ above top of tub.

There should be caulk below the backer board, but this is behind the tile you will see. In addition we cover the backerboard with rubber or Schluter sheeting overlapped from above. We happen to use a Schluter extrusion above the tub, that the tiles fit into, to avoid the unsightly tub/tile caulk that requires frequent replacement.

Unless you like doing tile every two years, a professional tile install is cheaper in the long run.

The entire system of backerboard/sheeting/tile/extrusion is engineered so that water must drain out to the front, because like vinyl siding or roof shingles, they are installed from bottom up, and each row covers the previous row.

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