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About Brooklyn January 31, 2014 at 7:16 pm

Architect fee for renovation of a townhouse

I am restoring an old and very beaten-up townhouse. It will require all the usual things: new roof, new boilers, new electric & plumbing systems, completely renovated bathrooms and kitchen. The floor plan will not change substantially: Remove a few interior walls is about all. What range should an architect charge for drawing and filing the plans, and whatever else the architect traditionally does? We will have a contractor experience in restoration work; so anything at that level of detail will likely be handled by him. I realize the architect’s fee will vary with the circumstances, but what range should I expect?

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Please be aware that there are several architectural ‘packages’ that architects provide. One thing to remember: if the service is not described in the contract, don´t assume it will be provided. Some of this might help when looking at architects:

– Service Architect
will only provide plans and layout to pass DOB. (you´ll still need to pay the Expediter extra) These plans are not suitable for obtaining reliable bids because they are not detailed enough.
– Construction plans
Detailed plans describing materials and all construction details.
– Construction supervision
Architect will make site visits and make sure that the GC builds according to his/her plans.

Now I am no architect (thank god!) but this seems to be the going rate:
Just DOB plans will be anywhere around 10% of construction cost
Realistically you need the the rest, too – which comes out around 15%

Now if you have a responsible, capable and great architect it´s really worth the money.
Unfortunately as with all the other trades the good ones are rare.
And that can mess up your entire project and cost you a lot more money in the end.
I can say that I pulled through my project despite my bad choice of architect.

In my experience architects either charge a percentage of total construction budget (15% is standard) or a flat fee. It really depends on the size of house and scope of work but for my home renovation I received proposals from 40-100K for drawings and project oversight. Expediters, engineers (if necessary) are all additional.

My suggestion is to meet with as many you have time for and see who you click with and works with your budget.

And unless you have expertise in project management and have done this type of reno before I would hire an architect to handle to whole job.

Good luck.

Hi, call if you need a hand or two.

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