Mysterious bread on windows

Woke up this morning to find slices of bread placed on 2 of my window sills. Considering it would have required either a ladder or some climbing ability to place them there I am a little freaked out by this. I have considered everything from black magic to squirrels trying to figure this one out. Anyone with any possible insight?

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  • Seven Grain or Country White? It makes a difference!

  • For your own safety, and the safety of ALL your friends and family, you better hope to God….. Lord, please don’t let it be PUMPERNICKEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WONDER BREAD? Who would eat that except for the birds?

  • Wonder Bread is great for a peanut butter sandwich late at night. I had one last night. Sorry about the crusts.

  • Was it artisanal?

    If so, things are serious…

  • It was whole wheat actually…

  • Did it come from the Park Slope Coop? Those people are nuts.

  • lol…Hey, I like PUMPERNICKEL bread!

  • Oh, yeah, did you forget to work your hours in the Coop or something? This might be a warning, like orange pips…

  • you’ve heard of the dead fish in your mailbox? Or, black roses delivered to your door, right?

    this is a sign. back off of, uh, whatever.

  • Haha – thanks for this. IT really just made me laugh!

  • Yeah, Fjorder. I hope he doesn’t own a race horse.

  • Could be squirrels. I’ve seen squirrels carry around large pieces of bread, even whole bagels.

  • LOL we had a bra in our flower pot on our window sill for months! someone must have thrown it out the window.


  • New York City squirrels carrying around bagels. Hilarious.

  • Oh, that’s a La Cosa Nostra thing, you’re f’ed.

  • Rats usually stick with falafel.

  • Given that hilarity has ensued in response to your post, I am calmed a bit. But let me tell you, that would have freaked me the hell out! Especially because you said whole slices of bread, not simply crumbs or lumps of bread. Brrrrr. Weird.

  • this is sorta funny
    but perhaps if your windwowsill is at street level and you have garbage pails outside,it could have been a homeless person scavenging and had already picked up said bread from another locale and mistakenly left it on the sill as he picked through your pails…..

  • That’s Brooklyn squirrels, jackal. Never seen a Manhattan squirrel do it. Heartier breed out here, just like the people.

  • Birds and rodents don’t leave behind whole slices! That is freaky! Have you pissed off any crazy women? Hide your bunny rabbit :)

  • I’m glad everyone’s getting a laugh out of this but in all seriousness…it’s really freaking weird. As I said before the windows are quite high…at least ten feet off the ground and there are staircases going down to the basement level below them. It would be a very difficult and deliberate effort to place these pieces of bread on each window in the same spot.

  • sorry boofer – it is quite weird (and funny)

    is it possible they were dropped from above?

  • Manna from Heaven????

  • This is the kind of crap that comes from the cornerbodega. He’s still without a home and probably always will be so maybe he’s living under your stoop.

  • Are there other slices of bread lying around? Maybe someone throw bread all over the place and 2 slices just happened to land on your windsill.

    Also, if you are feeling uncomfortable, make sure the windows are secured (locked and/or braced with a solid piece of wood).

    And if you are feeling paranoid, dust the windowsill with flour (once the rains stop and they dry) and you can see what kind of paw, claw, or finger prints you get.

    Could be a freak accident, could be a prank, could be a bird stopped by to eat them and got chased off by something and left them behind.

  • Boofer…seriously…it sounds like someone is playing a trick on you. Like I said before, rodents and birds don’t leave behind whole slices of bread.

  • dave — do not wish internet trolls on innocent civilians. You know how hard they can be to get rid of…

  • Northsloperenter has a point. Maybe someone tossed out old bread to feed the birds and two just happened to land on your sill.

  • When life gives you bread…….make some toast!

  • I was starting to work out a post about an evil sect that used perverted versions of Christian symbols to mark their victims. However, since the OP is seriously freaked out, I’ll refrain. I REALLY think the bread was left by squirrels.

  • I see the making of a Law & Order episode.

  • I’m going to put creepy clown figurines in all of your windows tonight while you sleep…

  • Seriously, we live behind a deli and have seen squirrels casually eating Braunsweiger up in the trees.

    If you wake up tomorrow and you are NOT. I repeat NOT, bleeding from your anus we can finally write off that “Pumpernickel Curse” as a childish urban legend!

  • Boofer, wasn’t it you who wrote about Teen Challenge basketball court?
    Could be kids from next door running drills in fine-motor, bread-handling layups. Maybe even the priest himself. Or, hasn’t there been news lately about a stealth campaign by modern-day Hansel and Gretelists? If you remove the bread, lock
    your windows afterward.

  • Good thing this didn’t happen a month and a half ago. That stuff isn’t kosher le-pesach.

  • Spiderman gets hungry sometimes….

  • Boofer, I apologize, when I’m drunk there’s no telling what I’ll get up to.

    I do like what you’ve done with the place since the last time I looked in.

  • Is it possible they were dropped from the floor above? You never mentioned if someone lives above you?

    Also- you never mentioned if you have others living with you? Is it possible someone in your household did this to freak you out or to feed the birds or something?

  • It could be a bird. Last year, I found a brand new Ipod shuffle (still in the box!) on our 3rd floor windowsill. Checked with all neighbors around and nobody was missing one.
    It was later followed by a broken flip-phone and a couple of days later a golfball.
    Later talked to a neighbor and apparently a hawk had been living in the trees…
    After the hawk left, no more free gifts :(

  • if it’s white bread it could be a bias crime.

  • So I need a pet hawk that I can train to recognize high-end electronics.

  • bhabe’s explaination is interesting, but multiple slices?

  • bhabe’s explanation is interesting, but multiple slices?

  • It was one slice placed in the corner of each window..the same spot in each window. Yes, people live above me but it would probably be impossible to drop on my window sill the way they were placed. I threw the pieces of bread into the yard immediately after discovering them and they are still sitting there uneaten by birds or squirrels.
    ….I suppose we will never know the answer to the mysteries of the bread.

  • Once my husband found some slices of white bread in our front garden and thought it might be a racial thing. I thought that was probably a little too subtle for anyone who would actually do something like that. But the fact that it was whole wheat bread in your case is truly perplexing — maybe a commentary on your perceived crunchiness? But wouldn’t a sprinkling of granola make that point more effectively?

  • OK boofer, now that IS starting to sound weird.

  • LOL supersleuth…there is nothing crunchy about me, I assure you. :)

  • “I threw the pieces of bread into the yard immediately after discovering them and they are still sitting there uneaten by birds or squirrels.”

    Uh, I’m pretty sure the rats will eat them if you leave them there…

  • Boofer, it could be a prelude to a marriage proposal from someone who wants you to know he’ll go to a great deal of trouble to see that you’re provided for.

  • Just thought everyone should know that if you Google, “Someone left sliced bread on my window sill last night” this Brownstoner forum thread comes up first.

  • boofer,

    pls. post update on monday.

    good luck,

  • Yes, please do give us an update, Boofer!

  • Are you having Ambien episodes?

  • sleep walking?

  • Hi, I do not live there (I am in New Mexico) but did come across this post because I have mysterious bread thing going on.
    I moved into a small community recently.
    On to the point, 2 times there has been bread left at my gate. The only times I have actually gotten the bread was when I have been away for the night, which has been 2 times. Not just white bread, but Pueblo Indian white bread. They are pretty large loves, baked in outdoor ovens. They have not been wrapped, but are left laying on the soil, in front of the gate.
    I was hoping to shed some light on this, but the most information was from this post. I doubt it was a squirrel. I really did get a kick out of all your responces.

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