Concerns over BQE Lead Paint Removal


    Some residents of Carroll Gardens and Redhook have expressed concern recently over the large green tanks that have appeared in the past few weeks at the Kane, Union, Sackett, and Summit Street bridges over the B.Q.E. The tanks are containment units for lead paint and other hazardous materials that are produced in the cleaning of the bridges, and some locals are worried about possible health risks. Lost City, for example, noticed a “sudden bad air quality” and pointed out that the containers are unprotected and exposed in public spaces where children could endanger themselves; City Room, from The New York Times, noticed “duct-tape patching” on these ancient-seeming containers. The Word on Columbia Street shares the public’s concerns, but also points out that the NYC Department of Transportation uses a set of procedures approved by national, state, and city health and environmental organizations such as the EPA and the New York State Department of Health. Kieran Aherns, who was contracted for the job, told The Word that the process of sandblasting and vacuuming the waste is performed with constant air quality monitoring, but a noticeable dust in the air has left residents unconvinced.
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    Photo by The Word on Columbia Street

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