Apartments Across From Saratoga Park in Bed Stuy Look Close to Finished


    The exterior of the apartment building going up on a prominent corner across from Saratoga Park in Bed Stuy is just about done, and the inside looks like it’s getting close too. When we passed by 838 and 840 Halsey Street this morning, workers were breaking up the sidewalk in front to make space for plantings.

    Back when this project was starting, we feared it would be the cheapest possible type of new “Fedders” construction. Happily, that is not the case.

    “While not great architecture, at least it’s not a Fedders, as we all feared,” a neighbor told us yesterday. “I would be happier if the glass railing at the top had been a cornice instead, but overall it’s not as bad as it could be.”

    One caveat: Saratoga Park is ringed with uninterrupted rows of 19th century architecture on two sides (but not this side). That view is an important part of the experience of the park, in much the same way the more ancient architecture surrounding the Place des Vosges in Paris is. We hope that won’t change.

    This particular building replaced two long-empty lots. The property is part of the proposed Stuyvesant East Historic District. The Stuyvesant East Preservation Action League has been working to landmark this area. We are keeping a close eye on what is happening with another huge lot farther down the block at the corner of Macon and Howard Avenue, at the end of one of the intact historic rows facing the park.

    What do you think of how this building is turning out?

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