4th Avenue 2.0: Renderings Appear for 6th St. Building


    After last night’s Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association meeting we nosed around the website of KSQ Architects—the White Plains-based firm that’s replaced Robert Scarano on 360 Smith Street—and found that KSQ has also signed on to design a new building on 4th Avenue and 6th Street. Baruch Singer and Rosma Development own the site in question, and way back when they’d hired Enrique Norten/Ten Arquitectos for the project (we were big fans of the Norten design, which looked a lot different from almost every other recent-vintage 4th Avenue building). Anyhow, the KSQ renderings for this building (more on jump) seem a bit more intriguing than the old crop of 4th Avenue condos—more like the under-construction Argyle, less like the Novo and Crest. Far as we can tell, the DOB has yet to issue new building permits for this job aside from OK’ing the demolition of the old warehouse on the property, which came down a couple months ago.
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    Renderings from the KSQ Architects website.


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