Bay Ridge


This seven-bedroom Bay Ridge home is big and beauteous, full of lovely detail and in wonderful condition. It's at 237 77th Street, on a nice block with the R train fairly close at hand. This one's got curb appeal to burn, with its columned wraparound porch, front garden, arched upper windows, and arched dormer window up top.


For those staying in Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend, there will be more to enjoy then just the abundance of parking spots and the opening of city beaches. From annual traditions like Bay Ridge's holiday parade to less patriotic events like Green-Wood Cemetery's outdoor concert and a pop-up market in Bushwick, here are three events to consider attending this sunny holiday weekend.


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More Walking Tours: Park Slope Historic District

Though Bay Ridge doesn’t get as much attention as its brownstone-heavy neighbors to the north, the neighborhood boasts historic architecture, diverse communities, solid food, and stunning waterfront views. This walking tour will take you from the Bay Ridge subway station through residential side streets and onto the neighborhood’s main drag of 3rd Avenue.

Bay Ridge is a relatively small community, spanning from Shore Road, which marks the northern boundary of the neighborhood, south to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Its western edge is completely bordered by parkland and The Narrows waterway. Give yourself an entire day to explore here, and you’ll cover most of the neighborhood.

Photo of Bay Ridge Gingerbread House courtesy of Jessica Dailey via Curbed


Bay Ridge’s Gingerbread House is back on the market with a new agent (Corcoran), new photos and a new price, as Curbed was the first to note. The new ask is $10,500,000, a drop of half a million from the price tag of $11,000,000 last year. In 2009, the sellers wanted $12,000,000.

Click through to the listing to see the photos in high res. Given the way the market has been moving lately, do you think the new ask will get the deal done? What do you think the house is worth?

8220 Narrows Avenue Listing [Corcoran]
House of the Day: 8200 Narrows Avenue [Brownstoner]
Photo by Corcoran


The Wall Street Journal trains its neighborhood-profile lens on Bay Ridge in an article that IDs the area as a Slope alternative and gives a sense of current real estate prices. To the quotes! “In recent years, the area has seen a different kind of newcomer, as it became a haven for those priced out of more expensive Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Park Slope and Cobble Hill” and also “”You have the close proximity to Manhattan, close to all subways, an excellent school district, shopping, nightlife,'” according to a broker. Brokers also say that prices generally go from $200,000 for co-ops up to $2 million for Victorians on the most sought-after streets. StreetEasy stats peg the median sales price for all types of residential property in the neighborhood at $341,000. There aren’t that many condos available in the neighborhood, but one new-ish conversion called Pier Pointe is said to be attracting buyers from northern Brooklyn.
Shoring Up the Neighborhood in Bay Ridge [WSJ]
Photo by bondidwhat


This weekend’s “Living In…[X Neighborhood]” feature in The Times was about Bay Ridge, and it had a few interesting details about the neighborhood’s real estate scene, like the mention of a woman who owns a “three-bedroom limestone row house that cost $46,800 in 1969 but that she estimates might bring $850,000 today.” The article also says real estate values in the neighborhood have weathered the downturn relatively well: “demand has remained strong through the slump of the last few years. Last year, 76 single-family homes sold, at an average of $812,000; at the peak, in 2007, 99 sold, at an average of $841,000, city data show.” Possible reasons for this include that there wasn’t a glut of condo development during the boom years because of zoning restrictions and because “Bay Ridge never really had a fallow period in the 1970s, like other parts of Brooklyn, brokers say, because there was never an exodus of families.”
You’ll Notice There’s a Bridge [NY Times]
Photo by Violette79.

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