You Gotta Have (Brooklyn Bridge) Park


Today the Daily News has a nice round-up of what’s in store soon and in the more distant future for Brooklyn Bridge Park. As we already know, Pier 1 and Pier 6 are already up and running. Meanwhile, work is under way at Pier 2 and Pier 5. The skinny, via the article, on Pier 2: “This summer, a new public pool will open in the upland area. Pile repairs are set to begin at the 5-acre pier this summer with construction of basketball, handball, and bocce courts, an in-line skating rink, swings and picnic tables, as well as a spiral tidal pool and boat ramp, beginning next summer and opening by fall 2013. The project is funded with part of the $55 million the city kicked in when they took over the park.” And here’s the story on Pier 5: “Construction is currently underway on Pier 5, which will include three soccer fields and a picnic peninsula with banquet-length picnic tables and barbecues. The $18 million section is set to open this fall. Park officials agreed to look for a developer for a $750,000 ‘bubble’ for indoor recreation in the winter, but no one responded to their request for proposals. Local pols and advocates are pushing them to try again, but they say they don’t currently plan to do so.” There’s no money in the coffers as of now for work on Pier 3, which is supposed to have a waterfront esplanade, or Pier 4, “a former railroad float transfer bridge that would be covered in native plant species to turn it into a protected habitat preserve, with a calm water zone for non-motorized boating.” Still, it’s going to be exciting to see how the new elements look this summer.
What’s New and What’s Planned at Brooklyn Bridge Park [NY Daily News]
Photo of Pier 5 from Brooklyn Bridge Park

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